Schedule interviews the smart way

Discover the future of interview scheduling. Our product integrates seamlessly with your calendaring system and ATS, simplifying interview coordination for talent teams and candidates alike.

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Empower Candidates:
Easy Self-Booking and Availability Submission

Our platform offers candidates the convenience of self-booking interviews or submitting their availability, aligning with your available interview slots for a hassle-free scheduling experience.

Efficient Load Balancing: Fair and Flexible Interviewer Rotation

Set weekly interview limits and rotate interviewers to balance workloads. Ensure a fair distribution of interviews, preventing burnout and maintaining team efficiency.

Smart Slot Suggestions: Optimize Interview Timing

Automatically suggests the best interview slots based on the availability of candidates and interviewers, streamlining the scheduling process and reducing manual coordination.

Automated Calendar Holds: Secure Interview Times Efficiently

Send automatic calendar holds to candidates, reserving their interview time slots. These holds are updated to confirmed appointments once all confirmations are in place, ensuring a smooth scheduling process.

Synced Yet Separate: Tailored Calendar Invites for Everyone

Welcome to a world of smart, tailored scheduling. Created tailored calendar invites for interviewers and candidates – each packed with just the right details. Experience scheduling with clarity and convenience at its best!

Flexible Candidate Experience: Integrated Portal or Standalone Page

Choose what suits your needs: integrate scheduling directly within the portal for a cohesive experience, or use a standalone scheduling page.