Streamline your candidate engagement

Automate candidate preparation and feedback through's candidate portal. It's simple to use & implementation is a breeze.

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Deliver a consistent, stellar experience to every single candidate

Whether you have 10, 100, or 1000 jobs open, you can deliver a consistent experience to candidates by using the power of portal templates and our application progress tracker.

Ensure your experience is on brand

Your logo, colors, and more come alive through simple point-and-click configuration. Your marketing team will be happy.

Differentiate & showcase your employer brand

Show & tell candidates what makes your organization unique. Personalize each position by embedding videos, pictures, links and more. Showcase company values and culture all nicely bundled for candidates.

Become the secret weapon for recruiters AND save them time

Recruiters can do more with less work. Keep every single candidate highly engaged and avoid unnecessary meetings and back/forth emails.

Works with your existing ATS workflow stays in real time sync with your ATS and works with your existing workflows - nothing new for the team to learn or do.

Get going in rapid time with our 1-click integrations + AI

Pull in employee profiles directly from tools like Slack. Generate beautiful looking content from existing resources with our Ask AI feature.

Works seamlessly with your ATS

Yes, even yours! integrates with 30+ ATS and counting.