Treat your candidates like you treat your customers. is for talent teams who care about being great at what they do.

As a talent professional – you know that when the interview process doesn’t hit the mark – it’s not just bad for candidates. It’s bad for companies, too. 

Companies can no longer afford to miss the mark.

We’ve created something that all but ensures you don’t.

With you’ll keep better track of your applicants. You’ll understand what you’re doing well, where you’re losing people, and ultimately onboard more of the candidates who are a best fit for your company.

Imagine if your company could run an interview process that wasn’t just fine, passable – but something that actually won the admiration of each and every candidate.

A process that actually sets you apart as an employer of choice because of your stellar communication throughout the process.

No more dusty email templates that get kinda sorta personalized, and no more thrown together 1-pagers that may or may not make it to their destination.

Instead, makes it easy to audit, track, and maintain your content so you know your candidates always have the high-quality information they need to best set themselves up for success.

So they have the kind of positive experience that gets talked about.

Ask yourself: 
What kind of effect would that have on the reputation of your brand?

Meet our awesome team of advisors

John Renfro
Former CHRO, Disney/Capital Group
Punith Suvarna
VP, Global Head of TA, PayPal
Kaitlyn Tarpey Borea
Director of Talent, Tomo
Devon Siegel
VP of People, Regal
Jason Klein
SVP, Global Talent Acquisition, Yext
James Parker
Head of Talent, Tropic
Reginald Williams
Head of Tech Talent, Bain Capital Ventures
Samantha Geronimo
Director of People, Ampla
Bonnie Dilber
Recruiting Leader, Zapier
Brian Ferguson
Founder, The Talent Trailblazer
Amy Wood
S. Director People Ops/Tech, Apollo
Mary Strebinger
Global TA & People Leader

We believe:

Candidates deserve to feel seen

We’ve spent years interviewing thousands of candidates.

We’ve experienced the flawed interview process from both ends.

And we know what it takes to build a creative initiative that wins top talent – ‘cause we’ve done it.

Everything’s better when you lead with transparency

People deserve to know what they’re getting into. When the “wow, that would have been nice to know” information is provided upfront, candidates feel valued. And they can begin their prep from a place of confidence.

As a result?

You get more from your candidate pipeline. You attract better talent. You delight your candidates with a positive experience. And you convert more of your top picks.

Great companies provide great candidate experiences

How do your candidates perceive things on their end? A not-so-stellar interview to onboarding process won’t leave them star-struck over the idea of committing. And can you blame them?

The experience you provide to your applicants is a direct reflection of your company. 

If you want to be seen as great, you need to be great.