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10x increase

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reduction in time to fill when using candidate.fyi

Customer Stories


Series A Ampla has consistently won over top talent against competition by using candidate.fyi


Series B Tropic went live with 14 jobs in 1 day using our Ask AI feature. They saw 160% increase in completion rates and won over top talent.


Tomo saw a 10x improvement from their existing survey completion rates to candidate.fyi pulses.


Tropic increases offer-accept rates and efficiency with a supercharged candidate experience while cutting 15 minutes off every interview

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Synthesia upgrades their candidate experience even as they 4x hiring. Learn how the head of talent replaced their existing tool, saving budget and increasing key metrics.

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Let’s hear it from our users

“Having access to real-time candidate sentiment data and the ability to deliver a consistent employer brand and value proposition instantly elevated the talent team at Tropic and our ability to attract the best talent”
James Parker
Head of Talent, Tropic

Let’s hear it from our users

I just had a product manager candidate tell me how much they loved the portal. She said she’d never seen anything like it before and thought it was a huge differentiator for Ampla. She is loving how transparent it’s making the process.
Meg Naftol
Talent & People, Ampla

Let’s hear it from our users

I’ve had 3 interviews the past couple days and EACH interview (unsolicited) has mentioned what a great candidate experience they’ve had - and how they love the candidate portal
Sarah Travaglio
Hiring Manager, Tropic

Let’s hear it from our users

Candidates love the candidate.fyi platform, and often tell us how much they appreciate it. What’s been a game-changer for us is the pulse scores. When we used out ATS survey, we were only getting a 17% completion rate. With the pulse scores we are at a nearly 50% completion rate.
Dustin Laycock
Senior Recruiting Manager, Zello

Let’s hear it from our users

candidate.fyi has added immense value to our talent tech stack from elevating the candidate experience by providing transparency into our interview process to drive more efficiency with our internal team.
Devon Siegel
VP of People, Regal

Let’s hear it from our users

I wanted to reach out to let you know how AMAZING it’s been incorporating candidate.fyi. So many candidates I speak to rave about it. The UX is incredible for all parties. Thank you for creating such a stellar product and company!
Fiona McDonald
Recruiter, Yext

Let’s hear it from our users

candidate.fyi has completely changed the way we recruit and think about candidate experience. I’m so grateful to be on their platform and allowing our candidates to understand our interview process, the purpose behind each interview, and how to set themselves up for success in each stage.
Daniel Rivera
Technical Recruiting Lead, Thrive Market