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10x increase

from existing survey completion rates using candidate.fyi pulses

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in time to close candidates when using candidate.fyi

Customer Stories


Series A Ampla has consistently won over top talent against competition by using candidate.fyi


Series B Tropic went live with 14 jobs in 1 day using our Ask AI feature. They saw 160% increase in completion rates and won over top talent.


Tomo saw a 10x improvement from their existing survey completion rates to candidate.fyi pulses.

From Our Talent Partners

Nothing like it on the market...finally an elegant solution to tackle improving the candidate journey. A must demo of 2023!”
Chuck Solomon, Talent Leader & Host of The Candidate Experience Podcast

From Our Talent Partners

It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It’s clear to me this is the future.
Kevin Grossman, President Talent Board & CandE Awards

Let’s hear it from candidates & our customers...

“I must say, I was thoroughly impressed with the exceptional layout, design, and content presented. I have not seen anything remotely similar.

Truly an exceptional experience and speaks to the culture.”


I just had a product manager candidate tell me how much they loved the portal. She said she’d never seen anything like it before and thought it was a huge differentiator for Ampla. She is loving how transparent it’s making the process.

-Meg Naftol, Talent & People, Ampla

“The candidate portal looks great! Thanks for sharing. Personally, getting to see the names and faces of the people that I will be interviewing with ahead of time makes the situation a little more predictable and therefore a little less stressful, so I appreciate that.”


Candidate.fyi allows you to gather data unlike any other candidate landing page. Before, creating a great candidate experience was a shot in the dark but now we are able to gather real time feedback that can drive innovation in our recruiting program.

- Emma Pinkerton, People Manager, Wonsulting

this is amazing!!!! Candidates specifically point out how much they appreciate candidate.fyi as a resource when I meet with them unprompted”

- Hiring Manager

“Love the candidate portal. Excited for our chat Thursday!”


Within hours of enabling candidate.fyi, we received dozens of unsolicited emails from candidates letting us know how excited they were to have a candidate experience portal and how they were surprised this was the first time they experienced something like this. This, combined with having access to real-time candidate sentiment data and the ability to deliver a consistent employer brand and value proposition instantly elevated the talent team at Tropic and our ability to attract the best talent

- James Parker, Head of Talent, Tropic

We have been having almost no back and forth with our candidates since we started with the portal. The entire team is saving a lot of time and also closing candidates earlier now.”

- Hiring Manager

“I’ve never seen such a clear and well put together candidate portal, and this is exactly the type of innovation that makes me excited to work with Tomo. I am looking forward to my chat tomorrow!”


Candidates have been so impressed with the portal - they’ve never seen anything so thoughtfully put together. It’s been a game changer for us in preparing candidates for challenging interviews, and keeping them engaged. Personally, we love the metrics on the backend seeing what candidates are diving in and engaging with our brand - we know who is really interested. Lastly, we’re getting great engagement on candidate surveys - about a 10x response rate compared to our automated ATS candidate surveys.

- Kaitlyn Borea, Director, Talent, Tomo

Candidates love the candidate.fyi platform, and often tell us how much they appreciate it. What's been a game-changer for us is the Pulse Scores. When we used our ATS survey, which was sent only once and with a bunch of questions, we were only getting a 17% completion rate. With the pulse scores we are at a nearly 50% completion rate, and can break the data down to a stage to see where we can improve (and where we're doing well!). This has been much more insightful and has led to meaningful changes in the way we interview.

- Dustin Laycock, Senior Recruiting Manager, Zello

“I think it’s really awesome. I wish more companies did this. I’ve been trying to track everything myself based on information from my interviews, but this so clearly outlines who you’re interviewing with, where you are in the process, and how you should think about your next interview. I’ve led some recruitment efforts at McDonalds and also at Deloitte, and I wish we had something like this."


candidate.fyi has added immense value to our talent tech stack from elevating the candidate experience by providing transparency into our interview process to drive more efficiency with our internal team. I’m so excited about the way the product has already evolved and can’t wait to see how it will continue to impact our candidate and employee lifecycle!

- Devon Siegel, VP of People, Regal

"I just used your platform in an interview process and was blown away how easy your software was to use”