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Automate candidate preparation and feedback through's candidate portal. It's simple to use & implementation is a breeze.

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You’re losing candidates and it’s costing you big time.

Communication is chaotic and disjointed. Applicants are disengaged and they’re not leaving any feedback. A lack of transparency leaves candidates to wonder –what’s even going on?

Not exactly a strong first impression.


Win more candidates with a process that sets the stage for trust, equal opportunity, and the highest degree of success

(That is what you want, right?) transforms your candidate experience into something that gets talked about. (In a good way.) Provide a birds-eye view for your hiring team and a “home” for your candidates as they journey through each stage of the interview process.

Improve your offer-accept ratio and wave buh-bye to dismal survey completion rates


Understand how your candidate experience is performing so you can keep improving.

Get a read on candidate sentiment. Know where there’s room for improvement. And see what’s working, too – so you can double down on it.


Provide an experience that makes ‘em say, “This is the company I want to work for.”

Bye-bye mile-long email threads. So long, missed notifications. Won’t miss ya, candidate chaos.


Actually receive feedback.
We made it, like, so easy.

Go ahead and ditch your surveys. You know nobody’s filling them out. 

Now there’s a better way.

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Works seamlessly with your ATS

Yes, even yours! integrates with 30+ ATS and counting.

Get more offers accepted

Treat your candidate experience the same way you treat your customer experience (we’re assuming that’s with high priority) and watch your offer-accept ratio soar.


of candidates will decline an offer over a poor experience


will share that experience (a negative glassdoor review is the last thing you need)

If you want to stop losing candidates to the competition you’ve got to give a little more than,“Here’s your scheduled interview, good luck!”

If you want to stop losing candidates to the competition you’ve got to give a little more than,“Here’s your scheduled interview, good luck!”

Today’s candidates demand more

Roll out the red carpet for each and every candidate… even if you’re hiring at scale

All you need to do is upload your content and activate the position in your dashboard. The rest works on autopilot. Provide a VIP experience – without the manual touchpoints. 

More engaged candidates, less drop-offs.

Deliver what’s important – no matter what.

Make sure your candidates get the right information, every time. Recruiter lacks domain expertise? No problem. Going through a time of transition? Don’t sweat it.

Set an even playing ground. Provide consistency and order for your hiring team, and for every applicant. You’ll finally nail those technical interviews. 

Represent your team as the modern, cares-about-its-candidates crew that it is

Ditch the drab emails. Present your candidates with personalized-for-them, branded content that showcases your culture the way it stands today.

The kind of stuff that makes them excited to choose you.

Is right for your team? is for talent teams who ask themselves,
“Hey, how could we do even better?”

For hiring teams who’re disgruntled by a lack of feedback

Who’d like to zero in on their process to learn about where and why candidates are dropping off

Who want to improve candidate experience, but don’t have the time to keep up the constant communication that it requires

Who care about being great at what they do