Candidate Experience Surveys are Dead

Chris Connors


May 23, 2023

2 minutes

What happened to candidate experience surveys? Why is everyone struggling with low completion rates?

Let’s have a heart-to-heart about candidate experience surveys. You know, those surveys talent teams spend ages crafting in their ATS? Yeah, they're pretty much a ghost town. And guess what? Candidates don't care for 'em either.

It's time to shake things up and give the people what they want. 

In this blog post, we'll spill the beans on why traditional surveys are tanking and share a game-changing alternative that's flipping the script on candidate engagement. Buckle up!

1. The Sad State of Traditional Surveys:

So, here's the deal. Those long, boring surveys? They're as appealing as watching paint dry, especially to Gen Z and Millennials. Can you blame them? Completion rates are in the gutter, ranging from a measly 1% to a meager 10%. Ouch! People are sick of surveys, plain and simple. The post-pandemic world has us drowning in questionnaires, and candidates are screaming, "Enough already!"

2. Enter: Pulse Checks - The Cool Kids on the Block:

We're doing things differently at, and we don't even call them surveys (because, yuck, right?). We've got something way cooler: "pulse checks." These are short, sweet, and pack a punch. They give recruiters and talent leaders real-time data on what's going well and what needs improvement. Plus, they're integrated into a whole new candidate experience that'll knock their socks off.

3. A Candidate Experience Worth Shouting About:

Imagine this: candidates get their own home base during the interview process. It's like a VIP lounge where they can soak up all the deets about the company, their interviewers, the process, and more. We're talking about a custom, branded, exciting experience that'll make candidates go, "Whoa!" And guess what? They're eating it up! On average, candidates are accessing the portal nearly 20 times throughout the interview process. That's unheard of engagement.

4. Pulse Checks to the Rescue:

Instead of bombarding candidates with snooze-worthy surveys via email, we're delivering pulse checks right where they want 'em. We're talking within that awesome candidate portal they can't get enough of. The result? Completion rates shooting through the roof over 50%. Yep, you read that right. Our customers are seeing ten times the completion rates they used to get with those ancient ATS surveys.

5. The New Generation, The New Rules:

Here's the thing: Gen Z and Millennial candidates aren't like the previous generations before them. They want experiences, not boring questionnaires. They crave interaction, visuals, and something that stands out from the sea of mundane surveys. We've entered a new world, and it's time to embrace it.

Wave goodbye to candidate experience surveys as we know them. It's time to bring on the pulse checks! We're ditching the old, embracing the new, and giving candidates an experience they'll rave about. Let's face it: nobody likes lengthy surveys. But a kick-ass candidate portal with real-time pulse checks? Now, that's what gets candidates excited. Get ready to revolutionize your candidate experience and watch those completion rates soar. It's time to make some noise in the talent acquisition game!