ATS Booking Links

Chris Connors


October 19, 2023

Several months ago, my co-founder and I noticed a pattern that we couldn’t ignore.

Over the previous months, we had met with tons of customers to learn more about pain points in the industry. We wanted to use those insights to improve the product.

There was one theme that kept coming up over and over again: TA teams said they were spending far too much time scheduling introductory calls when they were sourcing. At first, it was a confusing piece of feedback. How much time could it possibly take to send an invite for a video call? That was, until we started to do some of our own research.

We found that initiating that first step in the interview process can be costly when it has to be done manually.

For example, let’s say a recruiter at a company connects with a job seeker on Linkedin. That person is interested in learning more about a particular role. Here is every task that must be completed (manually!) to make that call possible:

  1. The recruiter must ask the candidate for their available times to meet and their email to send the invite
  2. The recruiter has to check against their own availability to see if there’s any overlap
  3. The recruiter must send a Calendar invite to the candidate
  4. The candidate must accept the calendar invite (assuming it doesn’t land in spam)
  5. The recruiter must then send a separate email to the candidate asking for their resume
  6. The recruiter must then manually create a new profile for the candidate in their ATS dashboard and add them to the correct job and stage.
  7. Then, after the candidate sends their resume, the recruiter must add that resume to the candidate’s ATS application/profile, along with any other relevant information that might be important to their upcoming call. That’s also assuming the candidate sends their resume on time.

Now, multiply that by 20-30 candidates per week… And remember that most of the remaining interview/hiring process is also still done manually. Even if the recruiter is already using a calendar tool (e.g. calendly), they still have to complete steps 5-7!

All of these challenges compound, wasting a lot of the recruiter’s time.

It’s all just too much manual work, for no reason..

That was the moment it really clicked for us. This was an opportunity to completely eliminate a manual process and save TA teams countless hours.

The solution: ATS Booking Links

With this new tool, you can build a branded ATS booking link. When a candidate receives this link, they can select their interview time and upload their resume. This information is automatically added to your ATS, in one step.

All of that manual work is eliminated in a single, one-click link!

For the past month, this feature has been in Beta and only available to current customers. Now, we’re making that tool available for free to everyone in the TA community!

The response from our customers has been pretty phenomenal so far. The consistent feedback is that this tool cuts down on so much of that “noise” and many of the extra steps that recruiters have to take on a daily basis.

With our ATS Booking Links, recruiters can ditch the administrative work and spend more time sourcing and finding top talent. Not to mention the fact that it helps minimize data loss internally, maximize visibility, and keeps TA teams focused on what they do best.

Want to learn more about ATS Booking Links?

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