Personalized booking links, integrated with your ATS

Share job specific booking links for you or team members and automatically have events scheduled and candidates created in your ATS.

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Get more meetings booked

However or wherever you share your link, it's easy for candidates to schedule a meeting with you. Zero resistance or friction and they're in your pipeline.

Reduce the tedious ATS entry time

When candidates book meetings through your link, they're automatically created in your ATS for the correct job and stage. No need to manually go back and enter them.

Bring all of your scheduling data back into the ATS

When meetings happen offline, it's like they never happened. With our booking links, all interviews get created in the ATS and will be accessible in reports.

Get going in a matter of clicks

It's a couple of clicks to integrate your ATS and calendar, then you'll have access to personalized booking links per job.

Works seamlessly with your ATS

Yes, even yours! integrates with 30+ ATS and counting.